FAQ #1: How Many People Died in Turkey due to Bootleg Alcohol Consumption in 2021?

How many people died in Turkey due to bootleg alcohol consumption in 2021?

In 2021, 109 people died because of bootleg consumption in Turkey. Data monitored by Turkish Public Alcohol Policy Watch day-by-day shows that 109 people in Turkey have died due to bootleg alcohol consumption in Turkey in 2021. Bootleg alcohol mainly consists of methanol, which directly causes severe illnesses and deaths. In Turkey, with high rates of indirect taxes collected by alcoholic beverages, many citizens alternate their consumption to bootleg rather than safe labeled products. High taxes also generate more activities in the black market, hence creating a higher supply of illicit products.

There exists a negative correlation between easy access to safe labeled products and black-market activities. What authorities must do is adopt more liberal and less restrictive policies on alcohol consumption. The most convenient way to do so is by reducing the enormous rates of consumption taxes of safe labeled alcoholic beverages and lifting the disproportionate restrictions on alcohol consumption.

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